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Linthicum, February 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LINTHICUM, MD, February 1, 2021— NFM loans is pleased to honor Major Hugh Murray as Hi NFM for February 2021.

Murray is originally from Houston, TX, where he grew up with his siblings, Dirk and Jayna. The men in Murray’s life carried a legacy of military service – his grandfather fought in World War II, his father served in Vietnam with the US Army, and his uncle was in the US Navy. Being surrounded by these proud veterans with incredible experiences also interested him in serving. After graduating from law school in 2006 and building his legal experience in the field, Murray decided to combine his passion for law with his deep respect for the military by joining the US military as a judge. lawyer in 2009.

Murray began his career with the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In January 2011, he volunteered to travel to Iraq as the chief legal adviser for detention operations. During his deployment, American troops were preparing to leave the country. Murray recalls: “There was a lot of activity and the workload was heavy. But it was also a scary time for me. I had never been in a war zone; I had never experienced anything like it. It was very different, but I was also excited and motivated to do my job during my deployment.

In April 2011, he received the shocking news that his younger sister, Jayna, had been brutally murdered while working in a store in Maryland. After returning home for the funeral and dealing with the pain of Jayna’s death, Murray was given the option of taking a period of mourning or returning to his duties overseas. For Murray, it was an easy choice. “I joined the army to serve, I joined the army to deploy if I was asked,” he said. “I wanted to come back to support the commanders to whom I was providing legal advice. I wanted to go back because of the fellow soldiers and the Judge Advocates I worked with. I wanted to go back because that’s what Jayna would have wanted. That’s what I wanted. As emotionally difficult as it was to leave my family at such a difficult time, I also had an obligation and wanted to live up to that obligation. “

After completing his mission in Iraq in August 2011, Murray returned to the United States and held various legal positions in North Carolina and Virginia. Among other titles, he has served as Command Judge Advocate, Company Commander of Juliet Company, 262nd Quartermaster Battalion, and Field Control Officer. In 2019, he resigned from a full-time career in the military to join the Army Reserves as a part-time judge advocate. He currently works as Deputy General Counsel and Ethics and Compliance Director for a consulting firm.

Murray lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Kate and three children. He continues to support various causes in memory of his sister as a member of the board of directors of The Jayna Troxel Murray Foundation.

NFM Salute is an initiative in which a member or veteran is chosen each month to be honored as “Salute of the Month”. Salutes are chosen from among the nominations on the NFM Salute website, The “Salute of the Month” will be featured on the website along with a biography and information about his service, and NFM Lending will donate to a non-profit organization on behalf of Salute.

NFM Lending is proud to donate $ 5,000 to The Jayna Troxel Murray Foundation on behalf of Murray. NFM looks forward to the opportunity to continue honoring service members and veterans through the NFM Salute initiative.

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