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NGS launches Grow Daily Boys 10+ Nutritional Shake

NGS Launches Powdered Protein Shake to Meet the Developmental Needs of Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents

TEL-AVIV, Israel, 23 Aug 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. (NGS) (ASX: NGS) presents its “Grow boys ages 10 and up dailyprotein shake powder for growth and development in boys 10 years and older. Launched in the United States, the new line contains a proprietary blend of macronutrients designed to stimulate a teen’s growing body and increase muscle mass.

NGS launches Grow Daily Boys 10+ Nutritional Shake

Grow boys ages 10 and up daily has been formulated taking into account the specific nutritional needs of boys aged 10 and over. The unique blend incorporates higher levels of macro and micronutrients needed to support the physical development of young men entering their pre-teens and adolescence. Each portion of Grow boys ages 10 and up daily contains 18g of high quality whey protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, as well as micronutrients scientifically proven to be linked to growth. These include zinc, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, D, and C.

The new range is available in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and “plain” flavor (a neutral base). Grow boys ages 10 and up daily Nature is versatile, designed to be added to milkshakes, fruit smoothies, yogurt or other delicious recipes.

“While the nutritional needs of young boys and girls aged 3 to 9 are similar, during puberty they have different nutritional needs,” says Dr Michal Yackobovitch-Gavan, director of clinical studies at NGS. “For this reason, we have dedicated this line to boys from 10 years old and we are going to design another line of products for girls of the same age. There are over 20 million children in the United States between the ages of 10 and 14, but this rapidly growing group of teens have unique nutritional needs, there are very few products that meet those needs, let alone products that have been clinically tested. “

We generally see a higher demand for our existing products for boys and have more inquiries from parents asking for a supplement solution for their pre-teens, ”explains Liron Fendell, CEO and Managing Director of NGS. “This is what drove the development of our latest product. Along with the physical needs, this is also the age when active boys start to become more aware of their body image.” NGS is also conducting a clinical study on a unique formula for girls.

Grow boys ages 10 and up daily was designed to supplement a boy’s regular diet and ensure the optimal amount of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for regular growth and development. Whether it’s for a physical need or to help picky eaters, the new formula is beneficial for all boys who need the extra calories and protein to support an active lifestyle and fill nutritional gaps.

“It’s hard enough to manage children’s nutrition at home, but with the start of the school year, many parents are worried that their children will not have a good meal at school or skip lunch,” says Fendell. “With Grow Daily Boys 10+, they can simply add 6 ounces of water or low fat milk to two scoops of the formula in a portable shaker bottle, and put it in their son’s backpack or keep him waiting. when they get home. “

Grow Daily Kids 3+ and Grow Daily Boys 10+ are new product names from the evolving Healthy Heights brand. The flagship product, Healthy Height, has been developed and tested by pediatricians and clinically proven to help children ages 3-9 grow taller. The line also provides supportive nutrition for picky eaters, a universal problem causing stress for many families.

About Nutritional Growth Solutions
Nutritional Growth Solutions is a global nutritional health company focused on the well-being of children. NGS develops, produces and markets clinically tested nutritional supplement formulas for children after 20 years of medical research in pediatric nutrition at Schneider Children’s Medical Center, that of Israel largest pediatric hospital.

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