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Oct 26 – From Meatloaf to Pizza, Fort Wayne Vegan Restaurant Week Shows There Are More Options Than Salad | Fwbusiness

To celebrate World Vegan Month, Fort Wayne’s Vegan Restaurant Week returns for its third year from November 1-7.

During this celebratory week, participating restaurants will offer a special vegan menu to give diners the chance to try their herbal options. Vegan options will include meatloaf, pizza, French toast, and ice cream.

“People mistakenly think that vegan food equals rabbit food,” said Heather Dahman, Veg Academy’s lead vegan organizer and lifestyle coach, in a press release. “I want to show people that there is so much more to eat than salad. I started Fort Wayne Vegan Restaurant Week to make it fun and easy to explore the delicious herbal options our town has to offer.

The last few weeks of Fort Wayne’s vegan restaurant have been a big success and have shown that there is a wide variety of vegan dining options, according to Dahman. And, as the demand for herbal options continues to rise, Fort Wayne restaurants are stepping in with creative vegan dishes.

“We have a lot of vegan customers, so it’s good to give them some new options when they dine at Trubble,” Keli Hankee, owner of Trubble Brewing, said in the press release. “Plus, we like to get creative and show people that this way of life isn’t just about steamed vegetables; there are a lot of delicious things you can eat. “

Trubble Brewing and 13 other participating restaurants will offer vegan specialties during the week-long event for dine in or take out.

Unlike traditional restaurant weeks which offer a prix fixe menu (prix fixe), participating restaurants are encouraged to offer a separate vegan menu or specialties in addition to their regular fare throughout the week to make it more affordable for all the guests.

Fort Wayne Vegan Restaurant Week’s mission is to highlight how easy and delicious it is to eat vegan and showcase the incredible Fort Wayne restaurant scene that goes beyond creative vegan options, according to Dahman.

“You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy Fort Wayne’s Vegan Restaurant Week; you just need to have a love of great food and a desire to try something new,” according to Dahman.

For a menu list, visit or follow Fort Wayne Vegan Restaurant Week on facebook.