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Online Retail War – Checkers vs. Pick n Pay


Checkers Sixty60 offers a great online shopping experience at affordable prices, but Pick n Pay Bottles is a worthy competitor with a great product line.

That’s the conclusion of a recent MyBroadband test of Checkers and Pick n Pay online shopping app services.

To perform this test, MyBroadband asked an experienced online shopper to compare Checkers Sixty60 and Bottles by Pick n Pay.

As part of the test, she installed the apps, purchased 14 everyday items, paid for the items, and followed the delivery process.

She also compared the availability and prices of the items and rated the ease of use of the platform.

The installation process for both apps was a breeze. “The process of installing and registering the two apps went smoothly,” she said.

It was time to go shopping using both apps, and this is where Checkers Sixty60 excelled.

Online shopping experience

“The auditors clearly focused on the ease of use of their application. Even people who are new to online shopping will find the app intuitive, ”she said.

Particularly impressive was the search functionality of Checkers Sixty60. “Even when I misspelled the words, the app suggestions were what I was looking for,” she said.

Pick n Pay’s search functionality, by comparison, is not as good. The app often gave an error page when you misspelled an item which means you need to be specific.

“Their search functionality isn’t great. Don’t think you can use the wrong spelling and expect the app to fix the problem – it’s not Google, ”she said.

Price and product selection

When it comes to pricing, Checkers has fewer items, but at a good price. “If you want good value for money this is the place,” she said.

Ladies are more expensive when it comes to luxury items, however. “For example, Jacobs Coffee costs R146.99 through Checkers Sixty60, but only R116.99 through Pick n Pay Bottles,” she said.

Pick n Pay also seems to have a wider choice, especially for luxury brands. “Their selection of Lindt chocolates, for example, was superb,” she said.

“Pick n Pay seems to focus on luxury brands and list these items first when looking for a certain category.”

Payment process

When it came time to pay, Checkers Sixty60 was a clear winner. The checkout process went very smoothly with no issues.

Pick n Pay, in comparison, had some issues. Payment had to be authorized through the FNB app and then again through another FNB page located above the Bottles app.

“It was this second step that created the problems. It’s a completely unnatural thing to have to do – you think you’ve paid and then have to authorize the payment again, ”she said.

Regarding delivery, Checkers did not perform as well as expected.

Checkers Sixty60 is known for its excellent delivery, but this time the products arrived later than expected.

Pick n Pay, by comparison, was surprised by their excellent delivery which was well ahead of schedule.

“They were so quick that by the time I saw their email for me to select alternatives for some of the items they couldn’t provide, they had already packed the bags and that was with the driver.” , she said.

“It is impressive that Pick n Pay can offer a wide range of items while making sure you receive these items quickly,” she said.

“The logistics behind Pick n Pay Bottles are really impressive. Of the 14 items we ordered, only one item – cheese – did not arrive.

Fast delivery is one area where Checkers Sixty60 is the leader, but they clearly have a strong competitor in Pick n Pay bottles.

Purchase of Pick n Pay bottles

“What stood out most about this test is how well Checkers and Pick n Pay have come to embrace online shopping,” she said.

“The process of installing and registering both apps was exceptional. They rank in the top 5 app listings for me.

Checkers and Pick n Pay have also removed unnecessary steps to limit the number of clicks required to purchase an item. “They have clearly focused on removing friction for online shoppers,” she said.

Checkers versus Pick n Pay

The table below provides an assessment of each component of the online shopping experience using Checkers Sixty60 and Pick n Pay Bottles.

Checkers Sixty60 versus Bottles by Pick n Pay
Application Measured Ladies Sixty60 Bottles by Pick n Pay
Installation and registration Rating ten ten
Comment Very easy to install and create an account. The process was transparent and impressive. Incredibly easy to set up and register.
Payment Rating ten 7
Comment It was very easy to add a payment method and make the payment. Payment is easy to settle, but there were some issues with paying.
Product selection Rating 7 ten
Comment It’s not a big choice, but it’s done to ensure fast delivery and ease of use. Excellent selection of products, especially for same day service.
User interface and navigation Rating 9 9
Comment The interface of this app is great. It tells you where you are in the buying process and clearly indicates the delivery time. The user interface and clean elements were easy to find.
Delivery Rating 5 ten
Comment Delivery is slow and late – order placed at 10:01 a.m., delivery arrived at 1:10 p.m. Fast delivery – the order was placed at 09:14 am, arrival at 10:40 am.
Search Rating 9 5
Comment There is a bold search bar and the app provides a list of categories to find items. Easy to search and find items, but sometimes the search provided limited results.
Overall score Rating 83% 85%

Price comparison

The table below gives an overview of the prices of a basket of items on Checkers Sixty60 and Pick n Pay Bottles. Some of the items that were purchased, but could not be accurately compared, were not listed in the table.

Sixty60 Checkers vs. Pick n Pay Bottles
Product Ladies Sixty60 Pick n Pay Bottles
700g Albany Superior Brown sliced ​​bread R13.49 R14.99
2l of skimmed clover milk R27.99 R32.99
1kg of brown sugar R21.49 R20.49
200ml of Coke (x 6) R52.99 R61.49
Fabrics R 17.99 R 21.99
Anti-Perspirant Shield 150ml R23.99 R27.99
40g of crunchies R9.99 R9.99
Blue berries – 250g 79.98 R R74.99
Doritos Sweet Pepper 150g R19.99 R18.99
Jacobs Kronung instant coffee 200g R146.99 116.99 R
Tomato Sauce – All Gold 350ml R24.99 R24.99
Total R439.88 R425.89

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