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Parents’ fury as chocolate factory apologizes for leaving Advent calendar window EMPTY

PARENTS blew up an awakened Advent calendar that deliberately left one of its windows blank to highlight the inequalities.

Toney’s Chocolonely countdown calendar was missing a piece of chocolate for December 8, leaving some children “in tears.”


One of the windows was missing its chocolate – much to the dismay of the children

The company insisted the coup, the eighth day of the £ 12.99 Advent calendar, was “to raise awareness of the issues” concerning the woes of the chocolate industry.

However, parents were not impressed with the action, saying their children were “in tears”.

Laura Tylor wrote: “Tears before school are not ideal” and added that political statements should only be directed to adults and older children.

The company writes on its website: “Things are not shared evenly in the chocolate supply chain.

“As a result, farmers are forced to live in poverty. And this leads to illegal child labor and modern slavery.”

But angry moms and dads replied that they “don’t need to be taught by my advent calendar.”

One mom, Rebecca Winward, said: “My eight year old daughter was in tears from the disappointment.

“She has ADHD and is awaiting a possible diagnosis of autism, so what seems like small upheavals to others is a big deal for her.”

Another irate parent blasted on Facebook: “I understand the reason, but I think it is wrong not to predict.”

Following criticism, the company said its “unevenly divided schedule” was “inappropriate and caused confusion and disappointment.”

The company said: “Unfortunately, we did not take into account the hardships empty windows can cause for children and adults with neurodiversion.

“We have more to learn to figure out how to make our products as inclusive as possible.

“At Tony’s, we use our products to tell the story of an industry that is unequally divided and full of inequalities.”

In a Facebook post about the missing shock, the company wrote earlier, “Notice anything different on your timeline today?

“Yes, it’s empty. And why ? Because at Tony’s, we use our products to tell the story of the chocolate industry – an industry that is unequally divided and full of inequalities.

“In Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, at least 1.56 million children work in illegal conditions because the price paid for cocoa is too low.

“Worse yet, at least 30,000 adults and children are forced to work. We do not think this is correct.

The post adds, “We hope this creates a great conversation starter for the change.”

But not all parents were bothered – some saying it was a great idea.

Rachel Street wrote: “I got it right away, I think this is a perfect session for everyone.

“A great way to teach a child about fairness and equality – don’t give in and open another door in this house – the point would be lost and you don’t learn anything.”

A company spokesperson told The Times: “Our intention was to raise awareness of the problem, because only when people are aware that there is a bitter side to the chocolate industry. , that they can choose more consciously and demand a change from the big chocolate companies perpetuating the problem. .

“We have received several hundred calls, emails and social media messages over the past few days.

“The overall response has been positive.”

Parents blasted the awakened movement


Parents blasted the awakened movement