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Pioneering product in the whey protein market

The company creates a non-alcoholic beer made from whey to conquer the health drink market

Featured image for Immrei Biotech

Featured image for Immrei Biotech

TAIPEI, Taiwan, 15 Feb. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BeRule, a company founded by an Asia-based multinational team and a subsidiary of Immrei Biotech, has identified the perfect ratio between whey and bubbly bubbles and developed a whey alcohol-free beer, enabling consumers to consumers to drink whey without the thick, milky taste. Infused with the aroma of beer and fizzy bubbles, non-alcoholic whey beer allows consumers to replenish their protein intake while enjoying fresh fizzy bubbles. With only half the calories of conventional beer, BeRule whey beer offers refreshing, worry-free enjoyment.

Generally, people choose to consume whey to supplement protein after a workout. However, most whey flavors on the market, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milk, all have a “creamy” consistency and may be too rich for some people due to their thick texture. Additionally, most whey powder products require some form of preparation before consumption. Sensing the gap in the market, the BeRule team developed their product as a ready-to-drink carbohydrate protein shake offered in aluminum cans. Consumers can now drink the product directly for effortless enjoyment after a workout. Each can of BeRule contains 10 grams of whey protein with fewer calories compared to conventional beer. For those craving a refreshing drink after a workout, BeRule Whey Beer allows for drinking pleasure while supplementing protein intake.

By incorporating the aroma of beer and fizzy bubbles, the two newly launched flavors allow consumers to consume whey without tasting the creamy consistency. The Highball flavor blends the unique aroma of ginger and the spiciness of whiskey for a pleasantly surprising sensation. Containing a light floral and fruity aroma and the slight bitterness of hops, the Lager Beer flavor can be drunk all year round. BeRule whey protein shakes create a distinct and novel experience in whey consumption and supplement protein while drinking an alcohol-like drink, transcending people’s whey protein shake imagination.

The growing line of BeRule products sparked immediate excitement shortly after its launch on an Asian crowdfunding platform. In Taiwan, the products raised over $100,000 in two months. The team didn’t stop there: the products are now available in the Japanese and South Korean market and have achieved impressive sales. In Japan, this product was endorsed by Munenori Kawasaki, a highly respected former Japanese professional baseball player who once played in Major League Baseball (MLB), creating a trending topic throughout Asia. More exciting developments are on the way as BeRule continues to gain market attention and grow.

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