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Pops Dirty Soda and Sweets in Georgetown, TX

Pops Dirty Soda and Sweets is coming to Georgetown, TX!

The company will serve dirty drinks, including sodas, lemonade, sweet and unsweetened tea, sparkling and still water and hot chocolate, all “made dirty”, by adding flavors, purees fruits and creams.

“Dirty Soda has been a huge trend in the western states, starting in UT 12 years ago, it recently started making its way across the country and we wanted to be the first to bring the trending in central Texas,” Cherie Hogan, owner of Pops, told Hello Georgetown. “My husband and I are entrepreneurs. This is our first time venturing into this industry and I can’t wait to try something new! »

Along with bringing dirty sodas to Georgetown, Texas, Hogan said she’s also excited about how the business will get her whole family involved.

“We just had our 5th baby this year and saw this company as the perfect place to bring our kids and get them involved,” Hogan said. “Our eldest just turned 13 and it has always been our dream to help our children start/run their own business once they are able to. It is important to us that our children learn the skills needed to manage of a business – hospitality, accounting, hard work, etc. to learn and grow.”

Pops will be located at the Wolf Ranch Town Center in the back of the Target parking lot and hopes to open by the end of October.

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