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Portable pourers, new cocktails, and other cool and fun ways to drink coffee

Most of us have a must-order coffee order, but there’s a vast world of caffeinated entertainment to explore, from nifty products that make mornings at the campsite more enjoyable to alcoholic drinks that go beyond the espresso martini. Make it your mission to try something new today, October 1, aka International Coffee Day.

Coffee on the go

Whether you’re traveling (remember that?), Camping, or just need a cup of tea in a rush, you don’t need to reach for the instant pot. Portable pouring is now a thing thanks to filter coffee bags.

Single-use drip bags from companies such as Will & Co require nothing more than hot water. Photo: Katrina Parker

Nicknamed parachutes by Sydney’s Unique O, the single-use sachets go straight into your cup and only need boiling water to release their black gold. Choose from three different varieties that come in packs of five ($ 12.50) or larger packs that give you a taste of all three (starting at $ 29). Will & Co‘s Pour Over Kit works the same and is available in a fruity and complex Tanzanian coffee variety and full-bodied Guatemalan coffee ($ 5.25 for five sachets). The future is here and it tastes like filter coffee.,

Just as practical but a little more robust in the mouth are the coffee bags from Dukes ($ 9.80 for six bags), which gives a serious makeover to what was previously a slightly nanna way of drinking coffee. Made with the Melbourne roaster’s house blend, it’s an infusion that works straight or with your favorite milk, with notes of red apple, caramel, milk chocolate and cherry.

And still a kettle is hard to find, cans of Beans Industry the cold brew is your morning savior. The 250ml cans are filled with a single-origin Ethiopian cold brew, a sparkling version of the same (hello, hangover cure) and the recently released cascara, a tea made from coffee cherry, which has hints of rose hips and hibiscus and also happens to be a super food (all varieties $ 19 for four cans).

Industry Beans cold brew cans are handy for picnics, days at the beach, camping trips or long drives.

Industry Beans cold brew cans are handy for picnics, days at the beach, camping trips or long drives. Photo: Jake Roden

Meet the new breed of coffee cocktails

Okay, you might have eaten more espresso martinis than you remember, but there are a bunch of new boozy coffee drinks out there that are giving the genre a new twist.

Blasphemy is the name of the coffee brewed whiskey that Melbourne coffee nerds Saint-Ali and the spiritual slingshots of Sydney Archie Rose have created ($ 89, 700 ml). But single malt purists need not worry. Blending Archie Rose’s award-winning whiskey with not one but two of St Ali’s coffees – Orthodox & Wide Awake – amplified the flavor profile of each element. To look for.,

Beaten up and ready to party, EverleighThe Coffee House Cocktail leaves the mixology to the pros and simply asks you to chill a glass and provide the ice. It sounds like a good deal. The bottle contains 100% Espolon Blue Agave tequila, Carter coffee liqueur (from the folks behind Applewood) and a touch of orange bitter. If you like what you read, the individual bottles ($ 18) have just been joined by 500ml bottles ($ 79).

If there was anyone who could do a good job of canning espresso martinis, it would be Mr Black, the leaders in coffee liquor in Australia. Since 2013, the crew have been doing their jobs on the central NSW coast and over the past three years that has meant trying out hundreds of espresso martini recipes before landing on it. It’s a blend of medium and light roast coffee, cold brew liqueur and vodka from Mr Black, and is loaded with nitrogen for that creamy finish. Shake, crack and go ($ 34.99 for four cans).

Cold brew coffee at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte.

Cold brew coffee at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte. Photo: Edwina pickles

Change brewing method or proceed to order

With warmer days to come, iced lattes are on the way. Corn iced coffee is equally refreshing and shows more of the flavors of what’s in your cup. If you already brew your own V60 coffee at home, you don’t have to do a lot of different things to make it cold. Melbourne’s specialty cafe, Bench, recommends adding ice to your coffee carafe that normally collects the coffee that spills out, so that the coffee begins to cool immediately. Or if you haven’t tried cold brew at home yet, it is time. Take a look at our guide on how to do this.

The environmental assessment of almond milk has been well documented. Enormous amounts of water are needed to grow enough almonds, with some estimates that around 6,000 liters of water are needed for one liter of milk. Then there’s the impact the huge almond groves have on the bees needed for plant pollination, with billions of bees dying from disease and exposure to pesticides. If you are looking for a plant-based milk, consider a switch to oats, a much less thirsty harvest.