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Price hike is coming for Thanksgiving, how to save money and cook a delicious dinner

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In just over a week it will be Thanksgiving, and the key to ensuring your dinner is delicious yet affordable is to buy now and plan ahead.

In a national report, the average Thanksgiving host now spends nearly $400 on dinner, including drinks and decor.

This number has increased in recent years as the price of products is higher than it was.

However, there are ways to save money and leave everyone satisfied.

First and foremost, buy now while prices are competitive. Prices tend to increase as the holidays approach.

Then opt for a frozen turkey instead of a fresh one, just be sure to give it plenty of time to thaw before cooking.

Third, make dinner a potluck! If your aunt, cousin, or relative is willing to make or buy dessert, that’s money in your pocket.

Finally, don’t buy premium brands, go for generic store brands. Trying store brands or generics can usually save you 20-25%.

That said, the one thing some experts recommend not skimping on is the “three Cs”: coffee, chocolate, and cheese.

Many stores are having sales right now, and Joanie Demer, co-founder of “The Krazy-Coupon Lady,” said there are deals to be had.

“We are absolutely seeing more deals, more coupons, and many retailers trying to go ahead and get people to shop in their stores, promising you to know last year’s prices or even going beyond and promising 2019 prices in one instance,” she said. “There are so many on sale right now, it would be wise to go beyond just planning your Thanksgiving meal and maybe even pre-buy for the next few months, because prices are unlikely to be that low again, likely for the rest of the year.”

According to the USDA, the average turkey costs nearly $2 a pound.

In 2021 it was around $1.15.

In short, shop early and make a spot to help make this holiday a great Thanksgiving.