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Quality Street is making major changes to all products – but 2 iconic chocolates remain the same

The major change is to all Quality Street chocolates this winter, except for two that will remain exactly the same.

There are 12 candies in a box of Quality Street chocolate, and 10 of them will now be wrapped in recyclable wax paper.

However, two chocolates will remain the same: the Orange Foil Crisp and the Green Triangle Chocolates.

A Nestlé spokesperson explained: “Traditionally, the Orange Crunch and Green Triangle have not been twist-wrapped in cellulose, but only wrapped in a single layer of aluminum foil.

“As this material is recyclable, it did not need to be changed.”

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The rest will all have new recyclable packaging including Violet, Orange Custard, Caramel Finger, Milk Chocolate Block, Strawberry Delight, Fudge, Caramel Penny, Caramel Swirl , coconut éclair and chocolate with lemon zing.

Nestlé’s head of sustainability, Cheryl Allen, commented on the change: “Quality Street is a brand that people really care about.

“We know that opening the lid and seeing ‘the jewels’, as we call them, is really important.

“We think we’ve done a really good job with the redesign, and we’re confident people will respond positively.”


The new paper wrappers are coated with a plant-based coating specially designed to keep the candies fresh without hampering the recycling process.

The change will take several months, so this Christmas consumers will find a mix of old and new packaging in their Quality Street jars and boxes.

Many shoppers took to social media to comment on the change with Facebook user Dolly Aldis saying: “It’s sad.

“We used to spend Christmas afternoon at my Nanna’s house watching black and white TV through the colored cellophane and thinking it was color TV!! ‘era.”

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Twitter user Kim wrote: “Awful, miss the shiny wrappers. Looks too dull and boring now.”

Kira Morgana added: “Aww…great for the environment, but not so good for post-Christmas suncatcher crafts…ah well.”

Nestlé also said it would replace KitKat packaging with 80% recycled plastic that can be recycled in UK supermarkets or put for household recycling in Ireland.

The company said it hopes the changes will eliminate three billion packages a year from its supply chain.