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RED chocolate changes its recipe for the better; Improve its decadent flavor

The European sensation known for its smarter snacks is updating its recipe, enhancing its decadent flavor and enriching the lives of chocolate lovers around the world with fewer calories.

EXTON, Pennsylvania., June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – RED Chocolate Announces an Update to its No Sugar Added Guilt-Free Recipes that Deliver Decadent Flavor and Fewer Calories. Consumers will continue to enjoy smarter snack options, now with improved taste and nutritional content.

The offers from the European Master Chocolatier do not include added sugar, fewer calories and less fat. The new recipe deliciously makes dark chocolate 40% less caloric and milk chocolate 30% less than other popular chocolates on the market. One-third of a dark chocolate bar contains the same amount of calories as an apple slice and is keto-friendly.

“We are amazed at the reception our chocolates have received since arriving in the United States, even during a pandemic when so many brands have suffered,” said Glenn Gardone, President and CEO. “It inspires us to look for ways to perfect our proprietary recipes so that our customers get the best chocolate without the guilt. It’s a healthier lifestyle choice that chocolate addicts can feel good about eating. It’s a convenient snack. take out for the hike and be out this summer too. “

RED Chocolate is made with cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa, whose farmers select, roast and grind cocoa beans to perfection. The European brand is one of the first to masterfully use the natural sugar of the cocoa bean itself as well as natural sugars from fruits such as melons to slightly sweeten their recipe, receiving more than 10 patents. in the process. Ethically sourced and produced in a bespoke, environmentally conscious factory, the brand is one of the fastest growing confectioneries in the industry.

Chocolate lovers have discovered the perfect way to satisfy their chocolate cravings without the regret that refined sugar that we’ve learned in recent years can lead to multiple health risks when consumed heavily. The complete and take-out bars are available in classic and classic dark milk and delicious flavors such as orange and almond. The diamond shaped pralines are available in a nut or coconut filling. RED is Weight Watchers compatible, keto friendly, gluten free, kosher, palm oil free, and GMO free.

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