Rob Halford compares Judas Priest to Queen, says they’re actually quite similar

Image: Fernando Catalina Landa | Carl Lender

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford reflected on the music that most deeply influenced him, such as Queen, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

The legendary rocker recently sat down with Rolling stone in promotion of his first memories, Confess: the autobiography. During the interview, he looked at his personal musical heroes. Revealing that it resonates deeply with the identity of British royalty, Queen.

On the band’s record in 1974 Queen II, Rob Halford reflected, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Queen. Every Queen album I listen to has its own character and identity, much like Priest in that regard.

He continued, “I kind of suggested that in some elements Priest is like Queen because no two Priest albums are the same.

“This is really the case with Queen. The second album, Queen ii, defines that. By the time they made Queen II, they had become very adventurous. They were just going panning.

“The landscape of their music was just huge, especially in the voice sense, all of these amazing harmonies that they did together.

“And that’s the other thing I love about Queen, that everyone sang on records, mainly Roger. [Taylor, drums] and Brian [May, guitar] and sometimes [bassist] John Deacon. But the vocal impact for me as a singer has been immense. It really taught me a lot. “

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Halford went on to detail his special bond with Black Sabbath, a group that cut their teeth in the same area as Priest during their comeuppance.

“They were guys from the same neighborhood, the same woodland as Priest. We literally grew up together, inventing this great music that we love and cherish so much is called heavy-metal music, ”he added.