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Sky Sports Pundit Graeme Souness Reveals Animal Welfare ‘Biggest Reason’ He’s Vegan

Former professional football player and manager Graeme Souness has revealed he’s been vegan and has avoided meat for three years.

Sky Sports Pundit were discussing environmental issues on Premier League coverage on Sunday when they said they were eating a plant-based diet.

Fans called the reveal a “shock of 2021”.

Souness’ confession came after colleges Roy Keane and Micah Richards spoke of their efforts to tackle the climate crisis, amounting to driving an electric car and choosing to drive around on occasion.

However, Souness’ reasons for turning to plants go beyond environmental concerns.

During the show, he said, “The reason I did it was animal welfare that worried me. This was the main reason.

“I think the way we treat animals is despicable, but that’s for another day. I’m building a new house, I have air source heat pumps, I have solar panels, so I’m aware of it and I’m trying to do my little bit.

In response, Richards said: “I had an electric car for a while, but Harrogate Council didn’t allow me to have a charger so I had to stop every time so I had to stop that. for about six months.

“But I get there, I try. Vegetables are not for me, pruning me is going to be very difficult.

“It’s small steps, if I tried to change right away it wouldn’t quite happen to me, but I will try.”

Graeme added jokingly, “When you grow up, see when you become an adult you will become a non-meat eater.”

Vegan athletes

Souness is the latest sports personality to join a growing list of vegan celebrities.

Other stars of vegan sport include boxing legend Mike Tyson, tennis champion Serena williams, and rugby league star Anthony mullally.

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Photo credit: Odd Andersen via Getty Images