Chocolate Industry

Snickers launches green candy bars for Halloween

The calendar officially reads August, which means fall is right around the corner. In turn, the spooky season will soon begin, and the country’s leading confectionery enterprises are preparing for Halloween. This week, Mars unveiled its new offerings for the season, including Snickers and Twix bars filled with green goo.

No, the sweets aren’t exactly go-filled per se, but the nougat and cookies have been dyed green on the Snickers and Twix, respectively. In addition to the two candy bar offerings, Mars is also launching an M&M’s “Mad Scientist Mix”, which will include the brand’s three most popular varieties, all mixed together in one bag – milk chocolate, peanut butter and peanut.

“As the authority on Halloween, Mars is committed to inspiring moments of daily happiness for our fans – and that includes delivering our classic treats with a seasonal twist,” said Tim LeBel, Halloween Director of Mars. , in a press release. “From candy dish to trick or treat, we’re sure fans will be thrilled with the seasonal offerings from March as we look forward to another fantastic Halloween season.”

Interestingly, Hershey CEO Michele Buck, one of Mars’ main market competitors, announced in July that she expects the industry to suffer from a candy shortage while throughout the season due to supply chain issues.

“Since many of our daily and seasonal products are produced on the same line, we have had to balance production over the past few months to improve daily shelf availability and build seasonal inventory at the same time,” he said. -she adds. “While this will likely lead to seasonal pressures on equities in the second half of the year, we expect our daily equities trends to remain strong thanks to higher inventory levels and more advertising and merchandising. As we As we head into next year with healthier inventory levels and more capacity, we believe we are going to be well positioned to meet consumer demand in our daily and seasonal portfolios.”

Hershey’s candy line includes the eponymous chocolate bars, Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats and Almond Joys, among others.

“It was a choice we had to make,” she added. “We had the opportunity to deliver more Halloween, but we weren’t able to deliver that. We were really producing – we started producing Halloween in the spring, and it’s really to that time that we had to make these key decisions about what we were going to do. So trade off, we feel really good about having high single digit growth, but we also feel good about the idea that we are moving into the future being able to have more capacity to really meet more of the demand that we see over the seasons.”