Vegan Foods

Start your day with these 5 quick recipes

The world is turning more and more towards veganism. Someone who follows a plant-based diet and abstains from consuming animals is often referred to as a vegan. This new shift in food preferences has resulted in the introduction of several alternative vegan options around the world. You will find almond and soy milk for vegans as well as vegan porridge, idlis and many other varieties that can be eaten for breakfast.

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The idea is to avoid the consumption of animals and dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter. Vegan substitutes are then used in regular breakfast dishes to make them safe to eat. Since breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, here are some quick vegan breakfast ideas you can try at home.

1. Vegan scrambled eggs

If there’s anything that can provide you with good protein for breakfast, it’s eggs. Since vegans don’t eat eggs, tofu is a great substitute. The tofu is broken down into small pieces and mixed with vegetables like onions, tomatoes, green peppers and some spices. Turmeric powder is added to give it a yellow tint and amazing taste.

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2. Vegan Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are considered a healthy breakfast. Oats are soaked in water overnight and softened in the morning. These can then be steeped in a jar and mixed with almond milk or soy milk. Topped with blueberries, the pot of oats is creamy and flavorful.

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3. Moong Dal Chilla

It is an Indian pancake made with lentils. Moong dal is an excellent source of protein and works well for breakfast. The dish is prepared by spreading a paste of moong dal on a pan. Add to this some onions and green chilies for flavor and cook well on both sides. Serve hot and crispy with a little chutney.

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4. Steamed Dhokla

This highly revered Gujarati snack is also a popular breakfast. Dhokla is a soft and spongy cake that is both sweet and tart. The fermented paste is made with lentils like chickpeas, besan, etc. It is then steamed instead of fried. Topped with mustard seeds and lots of green chilies on the side, it’s also a great vegan option.

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5. Oats Idli

Idlis are steamed rice cakes that are commonly eaten for breakfast all over India. A South Indian staple, idli is usually made with rice flour, but a combination of rava and lentils can also be added. Here, oats are added to the idli batter and it turns out to be healthier and tastier. Idli is a gluten-free and vegan breakfast dish.

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