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Struggling to find winter boots that really fit you? This collection can be the solution

John Lewis x Erica Davies wide calf boots collection. (John Lewis and associates)

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Boot season is here – and while some just have to wonder whether to go black or beige in their new mid-calf winter shoes, some of us wonder if one day we will find a pair that fits them.

If you’re someone with wider calves, you’ll know it’s hard to find a pair of boots that comfortably attach too well.

In the end, many of us compromise and end up with boots that feel too small to us or start to wrinkle and end up warping.

But no more need to suffer, because the wonderful fashion editor and stylist, Erica Davies, has collaborated with John Lewis to create a exclusive collection Wider calf boots for women who struggle to wear thin boots – and they are already selling out extremely fast!

Erica decided to help create the collection after receiving a large number of messages asking where to find stylish and trendy boots that fit a wider calf.

She was stunned by the huge response and realized that this was a problem for many women. So she reached out to Jo Bennet, head of women’s clothing for John Lewis, with her subscriber information to see if they could do something together.

“Erica’s followers have spoken passionately about the lack of wider knee high boots available on the street and how frustrating it is that these lack style,” explained Jo.

“I am very proud to say that we have tried the collection on women with a wide range of dress and shoe sizes and this has resulted in our most comprehensive boot collection yet.”

The collection includes a variety of exclusive prints and color palettes, and we really think it’s both trendy and comfortable.

Key design features include elastic panels to allow for stretch and comfort, hidden elastic gussets, soft, supple leathers and suede that will loosen and shape over time.

John Lewis x Erica Davies wide calf boots collection.  (John Lewis and associates)

John Lewis x Erica Davies wide calf boots collection. (John Lewis and associates)

This has resulted in boots that allow a 10-15% increase in width over the average boot.

There are 10 different pairs in the collection, but we’ve handpicked our top five to make it easier for you to choose.

We would be quick if we were you, they sell out really fast.

5 best picks from the Erica Davies x John Lewis collection for wide calves

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