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Team Absolute World Champion AnujTaliyan Claims Gold at 54th Asian Championships

Gurugram, Haryana, India (NewsView)

The Indian bodybuilding industry reached new heights on July 21, 2022 when former Mr. World Anuj Kumar Taliyan won gold at the 54th ABBF Asian Championships in the 100kg+ category. Taliyan from a small churr village, Meerut gives all the credit for this new accolade to his trainer Mr. Kamaraj and his wife and sponsor Absolute Nutrition who supported him in his rigorous training routine. The Madras Engineers Group Army Officer beat NitinChandilla (Silver Medalist) and Rajkumar (Bronze Medalist) and made the whole army and the country proud.

About Absolute Nutrition: Absolute Nutrition was conceptualized in 2013 with the vision to create health supplements that could compete on the global platform. Along their journey to create the purest and highest quality sports supplements, they have also worked with hundreds of aspiring athletes working towards the overall development of the sport of bodybuilding in India.

Message from CEO ‘Rajesh Chhabra’

Other than some popular sports, there is no real support in India for many aspiring athletes and one such example is the sport of bodybuilding. Barely two years into our existence, at Absolute we decided that rather than spending huge amounts of money on flashy ads, supporting raw athletes would be the pride of the country and the brand. Over the past seven years, we have supported over 400 aspiring athletes who have won numerous national and international accolades and made our country proud.

One such success story is that of a jaat from a small village in Meerut, belonging to a modest middle-class family, who won Mr. World’s top title in 2019 and recently clinched the gold at the 54th Asian Championships held in the Maldives.

We are talking about Anuj Kumar Taliyan, an army havaldar from MEG ‘Madras Engineers Group’ aka Madras Sappers who recently won a gold medal in the 100kg+ category of the 54th Asian Championships held in the Maldives.

The first story of Mr.Anuj Kumar Taliyan belonging to churr, Meerut is no different from any other lower middle class Indian youth. Coming from a difficult financial background, Mr.Taliyan’s father and brother (ShyamveerTaliyan) were the sole breadwinners in a family of 9. Anuj’s first love was wrestling (Khushti) but it somehow turned into bodybuilding as if the fate writer knew that this small town boy would one day create history.

Despite the difficult financial conditions, Anuj’s passion for the sport of bodybuilding was just beginning to ignite, at the same time that he also aspired to join the Indian army in the footsteps of his older brother. This brought him to MEG, Bengaluru to try and was lucky that a senior bodybuilding coach foresaw the thirst to win in his eyes and allowed him to improvise and prove his might in the army.

Barely a year and a half after joining the army, Taliyan made his first attempt at a show of greatness by snatching the title from Mr. Karnataka in 2012. Things got really thrilling when, in the same year, he traded poses with Senior Mr. India and got the 4th position overall.

Mr.Taliyan never forgot his roots and followed the mantra of no shortcuts. This sheer dedication and a rigorous 6-8 hour daily workout routine helped him land an All Service Medal for the Army and Gold to Mr. India in 2016. These accolades only made him than hungrier to imagine standing in the world. championship scene with the national anthem playing in the background and itself wrapped in the glittering tricolour.

This was the time when Taliyan needed all the support to take his training to the next level and achieve greatness to the best of his potential. That’s when Team Absolute met the young bodybuilding sensation and became part of his journey by meeting his nutritional needs and providing all kinds of support.

Soon after Anuj Kumar Taliyan’s journey with Absolute Nutrition began, he again won the title of Mr. India in 2018, Mr.Saraighat in 2019 and began his rigorous training for the World Championship.

According to Mr.Taliyan, he was consuming around 4kg of whey protein from Absolute Nutrition in a month and following a high carbohydrate diet through mass gainers during his prep days. The hard work paid off and the underdog from the small town of Meerut held our national flag at the world championships.

In 2019, he won a gold medal in the 100kg+ category at the WBPF, world bodybuilding championships. It was the first legendary title that screamed to the world about the hard work and struggle of Anuj Kumar Taliyan.

The world heard him once and the world heard his cry again on July 21, 2022 during the 54th Asian Bodybuilding Championships held in the Maldives where ‘Anuj Kumar Taliyan’ picked up a gold medal in the 100kg+ category.

It was the fruit of burnt sweat over the past decade and gave a flood of hope to millions of Indians who finally believed that if there was a pure will with a determined mindset, nothing could stop you from reaching your true potential.

Team Absolute stands tall with this fantastic winning streak from a proud Indian Army officer. It’s a victory for Team Absolute, it’s a victory for India!

To watch the story of world champion Anuj Kumar Taliyan, go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6OLcUhWxk4&t=826.

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