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The first vegan food bank is launched in Los Angeles

Gwenna Hunter, activist and activist, started the first-ever vegan food bank in Los Angeles to fight food insecurity while ensuring equality and food value.

The food bank, Vegans of LA, was launched in conjunction with Hope On Union Food Bank and partners with vegan food companies to help provide plant-based products. Instead of plant-based food companies destroying intact but imperfect packaged items, Vegans of LA Food Bank will donate them to individuals and people in need. They are also focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables to bring food to people who might not have access to it due to their zip code.

LA staff vegans sort fruits and vegetables

Source: Paige Parsons Roache/Vegans of LA

Gwenna experienced a lack of accessibility to healthy foods growing up, and she knew she wanted to help others have access to these things.

“Food value is a human right. By providing plant-based foods to communities in need, we provide them with new food choices and, in turn, we create a more sustainable world,” said Gwenna Hunter.

Vegans of LA will serve between 350 and 400 people in a single day, once a month, on the third Thursday morning at Hope On Union. To contact Gwenna Hunter to make contributions and donations, visit

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