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Masters student obtains prestigious assistant position at Financial Accounting Standards Board

BUFFALO, NY – After studying accounting standards for the past five years at the University of Buffalo School of Management, Milad Ghanatios will now be part of the standardization process with a coveted assistant position on the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) .

Ghanatios is one of eight students nationwide to have completed postgraduate technical assistantship (PTA) in this summer’s cohort at FASB, which sets financial accounting and reporting standards for U.S. companies and organizations for purpose. non-profit. During his one-year assistantship, Ghanatios will be involved in all phases of a large draft agenda, including analyzing public comments, publishing research and accounting proposals, writing due process documents and the preparation of memoranda for board members.

“Throughout my academic career, I have become fascinated by the impact of accounting standards on financial reporting,” says Ghanatios, who received his bachelor’s degree in 2020 and his master’s degree in May. “I can’t think of a better start to my career than the opportunity to participate in the process that governs the ever-changing accounting industry.”

A first generation student, Ghanatios grew up in Rochester, the son of Lebanese immigrants. His father is an entrepreneur, which, along with an introductory accounting course that piqued his interest, prompted him to earn a degree in accounting from the UB School of Management.

At UB, Ghanatios developed his skills both in and out of the classroom. He gained leadership experience as an alternative leader during spring break, honed his teamwork and critical thinking in case competitions, and helped lead the Beta Alpha Psi chapter from school to through the pandemic as a board member. He also completed the school’s undergraduate honors program and then paid it as a mentor during his masters program.

One of the most memorable experiences he had at UB was participating in the Experiential Learning Program in Ghana, during which he visited the West African nation, engaged in cultural activities and met with local leaders. Back in the United States, he and his teammates won the award for best world experience poster at the annual undergraduate poster competition for their presentation on the Ghanaian chocolate production process.

“This trip allowed me to question, process and analyze the Ghanaian entrepreneurial mindset,” he says. “I have no doubt that this vision of the global economy and entrepreneurship at the local level will add value to my career.”

Now, Ghanatios is the eighth School of Management student since 2012 to earn a PTA at FASB or its counterpart for state and local governments, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). All of UB’s former FASB and GASB assistants have had careers in the Big Four firms and other large companies.

“Joining the FASB will challenge my current skills and allow me to grow and develop as a professional and a leader,” says Ghanatios. “Ultimately, with this position, I know I will be well prepared for a career in accounting consulting.”

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