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The Must-See Thanksgiving Pie Shops in Portland

Don’t feel like peeling apples or making a pie crust that’s crumbling this year? One more thing to be thankful for in this wonderful city: Portland bakers are making great pies this year, from classics to favorite variations, like pumpkin pie with a speculoos cookie crust. Read on for our choices.

A bakery

Baker, alternative grain champion and James Beard award-winning cookbook author Kim Boyce promises some of the best Thanksgiving pies of this year. We didn’t try this year’s menu, but our review Karen Brooks was impressed with the pies of the past, and especially her burnt Basque cheesecake. Brown butter apple pie with buckwheat streusel would be our choice, but it also offers traditional pumpkin, apple and pecan pies, as well as chocolate cream pie, Basque cheesecake and rustic plum-cranberry pies. Prices range from $ 29 to $ 50. Pre-order online to be picked up on November 23 and 24.

Banning’s Restaurant & Pie House

There isn’t much more old school than Banning’s, a Tigard pastry restaurant that has been around for 42 years. Here, foot-tall pies and cakes spin in a slowly rotating crate, drawing diners to seated at nearby stalls. Banana Cream Pie is a favorite here, light as a cloud and delicately sweet, while Lime Pie has a smooth creamy cream but could use a bit more spice for citrus lovers. Classics like pumpkin, French apple, and pecan are also on offer, along with an Elvis pie combining peanut butter, chocolate cream, and banana cream. These aren’t the thinnest pies on the market, but they’re solid interpretations of classics at an old-fashioned price – you’ll pay less than $ 20 for a whole pie.

This Division St pie palate features a buttery, toasted and caramelized flaky crust in every bite. He’s now accepting pre-orders for Kiyokawa Farms Fruit-Based Old Apple Pies, his popular Blackberry and Raspberry Streusel Pie, Bourbon Pecan, Lime and more, as well as savory crackers to complete your meal. meal. Most pies cost $ 39; place your order online for pickup November 23-25 ​​here.

Lazy susan

What got us through a dark Thanksgiving away from home, friends and family last year? Lazy Susan Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie ($ 45), topped with crunchy candied nuggets and pale green-tinted whipped cream flavored with pumpkin seed oil. The not-too-sweet filling balances the nutty toffee with the earthy pumpkin, while the crust has a deep, buttery flavor. (They also have turkey pies for savory pie lovers.) Order home baking pies via Tock.


We’ve already praised Sweedeedee’s Coconut Cream Pie made by pastry chef Mason Suda – a crumbly crust loaded with toasted butter, a slightly sweet and silky coconut cream and cream. airy whipped – so we hope her Thanksgiving offerings will also impress. The offerings at Sweedeedee this year will be classic: pumpkin and salted honey. Stay tuned for pricing and ordering details.


Remember the pop-up but popular bakery at Bar King? Star pastry chef Katherine Benvenuti always cooks up treats around Portland, including at Fills Donuts and the kitchen at Tasty’s Commissary in the Southeast. This year, she’s got a pumpkin pie with a speculoos cookie crust, a Dutch apple pie made with Red Ruben apples, and a pecan and maple bourbon pie, with prices ranging from $ 25 to $ 30. $. Pre-order online for pickup from the Commissary’s Kitchen or Tasty in Lake Oswego.