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The Yard Milkshake Bar in Austin

Stefi Hsia | September 2, 2022

The Courtyard milkshake bar in Austin is more than an average ice cream shop; it is the greatest dream of all gourmands. Milkshakes (or as I like to call edible works of art) are made of uniquely flavored ice creams while being topped with everything from waffles to brownies to super-sized cupcakes.

Owners Logan and Chelsea Green created The Yard Milkshake Bar in 2017 after envisioning a brand that was bigger than your average dessert shop. The people of Alabama brought the idea to Shark Tank in 2019 and have opened 23 storefronts since. With each storefront having its own unique creations based on its location, the delicious treats never disappoint.

The Yard milkshake bar menu

Now, what makes this milkshake so special? The Yard offers an artisanal menu of mouth-watering desserts ranging from Creamy caramel s’more to Rainbow Chip Brownie. One of the Yard’s staples includes “Mermaid” which is birthday cake icing with pink marshmallow creme topped with whipped cream, rock candy and a white chocolate mermaid tail…my real childhood dream.

A local Austin favorite may be the Austin area exclusive:”Keep Austin Weird”. This colorful milkshake consists of cinnamon roll ice cream in a vanilla glazed tub rolled with cinnamon sugar, topped with rainbow whipped cream and a churro placed on top. Flavors you wouldn’t expect that work so well together.

While they can’t promise a lower calorie count, The Yard also offers a gluten-free and vegan option. “The Cereal Killer” is a gluten-free marshmallow ice cream with marshmallow creme drizzled and rolled into fruity pebbles. More of a chocolate lover? There “No milk” is a vegan oat milk chocolate chunk ice cream with crushed vegan chocolate chip cookies and a drizzle of chocolate.

The Yard also has an extensive menu if you’re not in the mood for a milkshake. One of their classics is an edible cookie dough mix that is squeezed into one of their famous jars labeled “The Yard”. In addition to cookie dough, there are specialty bowls which are a more condensed version of extravagant milkshakes.

Yard milkshake bar online ordering process

Craving this tasty treat from the comfort of your own home? The Yard Milkshake Bar offers an online “Milkshake Kit” that can be mailed to your home with all the ingredients for multiple servings. Although you have to assemble much of it yourself, it’s the same ingredients the store uses and it even comes with a pre-soaked jar shipped frozen in dry ice. While it’s certainly an interesting take on home ordering, the kits are a fun activity and a delicious treat that satisfies just like the store in person.

Location + opening and closing hours

The Yard Milkshake Bar is located in the Estate at 3400 Esperanza Xing. Its hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.


Do you have a sweet idea of ​​your own? On the Yard’s website, customers have the opportunity to submit their own milkshake ideas, a unique way to connect with customers.

The Courtyard Milkshake Bar Austin is truly a luxurious dessert experience that will satisfy any lingering sweet tooth you may have. Although expensive, the unique version of a milkshake is a testament to creativity and fun in the food industry that is not often seen. His designs are one of a kind and an unfulfilled childhood dream many of us might have.

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