Chocolate pricing

Titan vs Mars: Claims Aldi’s counterfeit is better than the original chocolate bar

The increased price and reduced size has consumers of this classic toffee bar wondering if there is a superior alternative to the Australian favourite.

A chocolate enthusiast has sparked an online debate after suggesting that an Aldi dupe is superior to its popular Mars brand counterpart.

A member of the Old Shops Australia Facebook group compared the iconic Mars bar with Aldi’s Titan replica, crunching numbers, taste testing and analyzing each chocolate bar until the texture.

After his detailed analysis, the survey’s lead research, Chris Ho, said Aldi’s version of the Australian favorite was better in “quality and value”.

Mr. Ho detailed his investigation to the members of the group, explaining how he came to his conclusion.

“Our special survey of Old Shops consumers reveals that the Mars Shrunken Bar is 22% smaller than Aldi’s counterfeit Titan Bar and, when not on sale, costs more than twice as much as the Aldi version. “, did he declare.

Consumers of Mars bars pay up to $5.00 for a 192g 12-pack, double the price of Aldi’s equivalent, priced at $2.29 for 216g.

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The revelation sent lovers of the caramel-infused Mars bar on social media, with some promising to try the Aldi equivalent.

“Wow great find…I will definitely be buying Titan bars instead of Mars bars from now on,” said one user ready to make the switch.

“Titan Bar tastes better and is much cheaper,” said another.

“Love the Aldi ones! And the Aldi version of Milky Way!” said another user.

But not all of them were satisfied with the advice and refused to be considered traitors to Mars.

“Come on seriously, Titan better than a Mars bar? Guess you haven’t actually tried a Titan…I’ll grab a good ol’ Mars bar anytime, price and all! Definitely worth it,” said refuted another user.

“I bought a Titan bar last week, I hadn’t had one for years. It’s like eating granulated sugar… it’s horrible! They used to be very nice,” replied a Mars loyalist.

Meanwhile, one user asked the ultimate question, referencing the famous tagline of the best-known candy bar: “But will a Titan Bar help you work, rest and play?”

It wouldn’t be the first time some Mars fans have switched to another caramel-flavored alternative, with some feeling “dropped” by the treat after it shrunk.

In May 2009, Mars bars dropped from 60g to 53g in Australia, before dropping back to 47g in July 2021.

Some former fans have admitted to having already made the switch, sharing their experiences on the Old Shops Australia page.

“A little disappointed when I unboxed one recently and it wasn’t as big and veiny as it used to be,” said a Mars Bar fan.

“Yes, the Mars bar was sweet with generous amounts of caramel – now (it has) become chewy, less caramel and I end up coughing from the burning sensation of the chocolate running down my throat,” added another disappointed follower.

The Titan isn’t the only chocolate “imitation” Aldi has recreated, with its Dreemy bar a replica of Milky Way, its Double Time a dupe of Kit Kat and Romeo very similar to a Bounty.

Mars’ Peanut and Original M&M’s also have an Aldi equivalent in the discount supermarket’s Munchers products.