Top Chef Award Winner Kristen Kish Loves These 3 Kitchen Utensils

Vegetable peelers are a staple in most kitchens. You put yours to work during the holiday season and whip it regularly when preparing meals. But even considering the tool’s workaholic status, you’ve probably never given much thought to what type of peeler you use.

According to Chef Kristen Kish, there’s only one that deserves a place in your kitchen.

“I feel like everyone has peelers in their house, but the Y-shaped peelers are much better ergonomic and more natural in shape,” Kish said. They match your natural movements to help you peel more efficiently, she added.

Kish, who won the 10th season of “Top Chef” and now appears on the TruTV cooking show “Fast Foodies,” said straight metal peelers were a staple in his family kitchen growing up. It wasn’t until she started working in professional kitchens that she discovered how effective the Y-shaped versions are. “We called them quick peelers,” she said.

Kuhn Rikon’s peelers, the type Kish uses in his own kitchen, start at just $ 7 for one and $ 15 for a pack of three. With such a low price, it’s an easy change to make – it’s also affordable enough that you don’t have to worry about buying a new one once the blades start to lose their sharp edges. “Once they’re boring, they kind of suck, and that makes your life harder,” Kish said. “So the second they get bored, buy a new one.”

Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

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