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Tried the food at Capucine, Abbeygate’s new bistro – and it did not disappoint

Abbeygate’s brand new bistro and patisserie, Capucine, has been on my list of places to try for the past few weeks since it opened to the public in March – and my goodness it was worth the wait.

Bringing a “slice of London to Grimsby”, the hip new spot is owned by chocolatier Richie Heppell, 45, and private chef Jack Phillips, 29. It occupies a prominent position at the top of Abbeygate, making it as central as possible.

Featuring stunning modern decor and an upmarket vibe without the sky-high price tag, Nasturtium is a welcome addition to North East Lincolnshire’s dining scene. And local vegans will be delighted to know that there are plenty of tasty vegan dishes on the menu.

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I wanted to try as much food as possible for review purposes (and maybe also for my taste buds) – so I enjoyed brunch at Capucine two days in a row. On my first visit, I tried the vegetarian Garden Breakfast, which consisted of poached eggs, grilled halloumi, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, mashed avocado and Hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast.

Each element of the dish overlapped in a cascade of colors, flavors and textures. It was almost too good to eat, but I was still looking forward to it. And when I did, I found it to be absolutely delicious. Every breakfast item complemented each other so well and the halloumi was perfectly cooked.

The garden breakfast

Chef Jack was also quick to inform me that many happy diners had called the Eggs Benedict “the best they’ve ever had” – so obviously I had to try it for myself. How could I not? The dish has often been my favorite whenever I’ve been out for breakfast, and I have to say Capucine’s was definitely among the best. People are right.

Made up of poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and Lonzino (cured pork loin) on two English muffins, the dish was buttery and completely delicious, and the eggs were perfectly runny – just what you want if you’re ordering Benedict eggs. I could very well eat it every morning for breakfast.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

To finish, I opted for the Bombe Chocolat Capucine, which included strawberry sorbet, chocolate brownie and honeycomb bits, and tangy strawberry puree. The Instagram-worthy video opportunity this one accompanies is sure to appeal to social media enthusiasts.

The bomb is placed in a bowl and served to you, before the hot strawberry puree is poured over it, revealing the other elements of the dish. I’ve never been a fan of strawberry and chocolate together, but maybe that changed my mind.

I was sold after my first visit to Capucine, but still needed to get back the next day to film a Facebook Live video – so obviously had to try some more food. Obviously.

This time I swung the menu to vegan options – yes there are as many vegan options as non-vegan which I think is amazing. I chose the Savory Waffle, which consisted of a chive waffle, soy yogurt, salad leaves and maple-glazed mushrooms. Being a big fan of old ‘mushrooms’, I was excited for this one.

Salty Waffle
Salty Waffle

I’m not even vegan – or vegetarian, for that matter – but I would happily convert if I could eat dishes like this every day. It was absolutely delicious. The mushrooms were perfectly coated in the maple glaze and each element of the dish worked so well together. I’ve always loved dishes that combine sweet and savory flavors, so this one was right up my street.

For a sweet finish, I tested the Mango, Chocolate & Passionfruit Cake, made up of a mango mousse, a chocolate ganache, a passion fruit-ginger gel and cocoa nibs. It was light, more greedy and as good as it looked.

Many of the typical desserts on restaurant menus can often be sweet, rich and heavy (not that I’ve ever complained about that) – but it was still nice to enjoy a dessert that didn’t leave me as full as I could to burst.

Left to right: Jack Phillips, Bradley Heppell and Richie Heppell at Nasturtium Bistro and Patisserie on Abbeygate, Grimsby
Left to right: Jack Phillips, Bradley Heppell and Richie Heppell at Nasturtium Bistro and Patisserie on Abbeygate, Grimsby

My overall verdict

I think Capucine may be my new favorite brunch/lunch in Grimsby as it is unlike any other place in the area. Every dish I tried was perfectly prepared and exquisitely presented. Everything looked and tasted expensive, but the price was so reasonable. They paid attention to the smallest details and really care about what they do – including providing top quality vegan options – which is nice to see. I wish Capucine every success and I hope she will be there for years to come!