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Two-time ‘Cupcake Wars’ champion Doron Petersan is now delivering her famous vegan cookies nationwide


Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats, a 22-year-old vegan bakery in Washington, DC, recently expanded into the digital retail space. The bakery’s new website now allows customers to order popular candy, baking mixes and decorating kits from Sticky Fingers for nationwide delivery.

Sticky Fingers’ online offerings include cake, cookie and pancake mixes, as well as dessert decorating kits such as funfetti cupcakes, s’mores brownies, and chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches. Ready-to-eat cookies, bars, and brownies can be purchased in packs of six to 12, including Sticky Fingers famous Cowvin Cream-Filled Oatmeal Sandwiches and seasonal and holiday-themed rotating selections. Three-month cookie subscriptions, which send customers a selection of six cookies each month, are also available.

“This expansion has been a long time coming,” Sticky Fingers founder Doron Petersan said in a statement. “When you’ve been around as long as we’ve been, and with DC having such a transient workforce, you naturally end up with friends and fans scattered across the country. I can’t count the number of times people have told us they wish they could get one of our cupcakes, cowvin cookies, or brownies in their new hometown. Now our candies and treats will be available wherever the people of Sticky Fingers are.

From Cupcake Wars to the legendary vegan bakery

Petersan, twice winner of the Food Network pastry competition Cupcake wars, opened Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats in 1999. The bakery has since expanded to include wholesale distribution to supermarkets in DC, Virginia and Maryland. In 2016, Petersan opened a comforting vegan restaurant Fare Well in DC, where she serves comfort food such as southern fried wings, hot pastrami sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese.


With the new nationwide delivery of Sticky Fingers, the bakery’s physical store now mirrors online offerings with additional infrastructure for packaging and shipping orders. Over the next few months, Fare Well will be renamed Sticky Fingers Diner to formalize its relationship with the original Sticky Fingers concept. “We refuse to neglect our major Washington, DC-based customers and will continue to provide locally personalized cookies and cakes at Sticky Fingers, while Fare Well becomes home to our delicious savory vegan comfort food,” said Petersan.

Online Vegan Baking Class for Kids

Last year, Petersan offered After-School Virtual Baking Classes, an after-school digital cooking program designed to help children learn fun skills at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hour-long classes – a virtual adaptation of events that Petersan hosted before the pandemic – featured both savory and sweet recipes such as blueberry muffins, pizzas, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes funfetti.


“I started cooking with my son when I was two years old. Back then it was just pouring and mixing and I did all the work, ”Petersan told VegNews. “But growing up, he stepped up his efforts and now does everything on his own, even though he has a healthy fear of the hot oven. Now that he’s nine, we’re talking about the ingredients, the math involved, and the science that works while we cook. This is how we cook. It is Ordinary. He doesn’t ask, “What are you using instead of eggs?” or “How does soy milk compare to cow’s milk?” The more we can standardize vegan cooking and baking, the better for animals, the environment and ourselves. “

Photo credit: Deb Lindsey. Head: April Greer.

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