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Tyme Food Subscription Review: Healthy Vegan Meals for Work

Let’s be honest, integrating a balanced diet into the work week can be a bit tricky. Whether it’s because you don’t have a fridge full of ingredients, the culinary finesse, or simply the time to devote to cooking, it can be difficult to prepare nutritious meals worth being excited about.

In fact, our work week follows a fixed menu of bland and easy breakfasts and lunches that we haven’t yet found the rhythm to change. It includes a less varied spread of fruits and vegetables and certainly not as much plant protein and fiber as we would like.

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Of course, there is always the possibility of preparing well-balanced meals on Sunday evenings, but this level of organization will not suit everyone (we include ourselves in this bracket). Even when we go to the office, store-bought sandwiches quickly become repetitive and often come in hard-to-recycle plastic packaging.

That’s the problem plant-based food subscription service Tyme aims to solve, with balanced meals and snacks packed with plant-based fiber to keep you energized throughout the workday, from morning to dinner.

The focus is on nutritious and sustainably sourced produce, fresh and made-to-order each week, and everything on the menu is vegan and ready-to-eat (straight from the packet if desired). All you have to do is find space in the fridge.

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How we tested

To see if Tyme’s plant-based subscription service was worth trying, we incorporated the vegan menu of breakfasts and smoothies, lunches, snacks and shots into our work week. When evaluating the quality and variety of food available, we also took into account price, convenience and all environmental considerations. Here’s what we thought of Tyme’s herbal subscription service.

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How it works

As a weekly subscription service, Tyme currently offers a flexi-box plan which contains any combination of food and drink for a minimum of £30 per week, be it breakfast or a smoothie for breakfast, shot, lunch or snack – useful if you’re not a breakfast fanatic or prefer to avoid health shots and snacks.

The menu includes photographs of each item, along with an ingredient breakdown, health benefits, and environmental impact rating so you know exactly what you’re getting. The food doesn’t look exactly like the photos of course – the items are stacked in packets – but the flavors are all there so we don’t care how they look.

The actual ordering is done on a separate page and is quite straightforward; just select the items you want that week, and the price helpfully pops up on screen as you go. Your choices will automatically roll over each week for Monday or Sunday night delivery, depending on where you live, and helpfully, you can also skip weeks whenever you need to.

What’s inside the box?

Our food arrived on Sunday evening, everything was still fresh thanks to the wool insulation. One of the brand’s main selling points is convenience – breakfast and lunch are neatly wrapped and can be eaten straight from our packs – you just need to tear the top off – ideal if you don’t have no bowls at work. Thin and seemingly spill-free to slip into your bag too, the packets keep the toppings in a separate pouch to preserve their crunch.

Clever packaging means you can eat lunch and breakfast straight from the packets

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As for the food, the whole selection is prepared by chefs and nutritionists and we were really impressed with the freshness and vibrancy of the flavors. For breakfast, we loved the blueberry acai with not-too-sweet granola sprinkled on top, but our favorite was the spicy oats topped with cinnamon cereal for the crunch, which reminded us of apple pie .

Alternatively, the breakfast smoothies are great for the ride – as peanut butter lovers, we loved the peanut butter and moringa smoothie, an energy-packed treat that tasted like a dessert for breakfast.

The shots are packed with goodness designed to boost your immunity, reduce inflammation and improve your gut health, but the spicy citrus shot with cayenne pepper practically blew our heads off – although the fiery kick did. revived from our slump of the afternoon. If you’re looking for a smoother ride, we recommend the Elderberry & Beet or Kale & Chlorella flavor instead.

Cayenne pepper spiced citrus practically blew our heads off

(Lois Borny)

At lunchtime, we wondered if the flavors would fall flat, as is often the case with ready meals, but the dishes we tried were bursting with flavorful herbs and spices. Our favorite was the smoky Middle Eastern; a satisfying blend of creamy, smoky tahini, parsley and dill-seasoned sweet potato, and crushed freekeh topped with tomato, cucumber and za’atar.

We also really enjoyed the golden Californian with chili and lime squash, turmeric tahini and cauliflower rice. It looked quite heavy in the packet, but the raw coleslaw with crunchy broccoli, kale and mixed seeds felt more like a salad, with lightly charred roasted squash that seemed more homemade than emptied from a package.

There are 12 lunch dishes in total and seasonal meals will be introduced throughout the year – some can be eaten hot or cold (we stuck with the cold) – and it was all so quick and easy that we we really got to make the most of our lunch hour.

The lunches we tried were full of tasty herbs and spices

(Lois Borny)

Tyme’s snack selection is just big enough with five bags of sweet snacks, but we’d like to see savory options there as well. Although as someone who snacks on toast, we have thrived on having nutritious snack foods at our desk.

The pecan and tahini trail mix is ​​wonderfully caramelized with maple syrup and chewy coconut chunks, but we loved the richness of the picn n’ mix style chocolate orange cashew trail mix. The energy balls were perfect for a quick and convenient snack – like melty yummy balls, the cashew and matcha were our favourites.

Environmental Considerations

A vegan or plant-based diet is widely considered better for the planet, but Tyme has also achieved B corp accreditation, which is no small feat. This underscores the brand’s commitment to more sustainable practices, from reducing food waste to sourcing ingredients from forward-thinking farms.

To reduce food waste, everything is made to order, while we truly believe that Tyme uses herbs grown at Harvest London, a B corp hydroponic farm that grows crops in water rather than soil, which uses less space and is less harmful to the environment.

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Each menu item has an impact rating which has been calculated by sustainability tracker, Foodsteps, and the rating is either very low, low, medium or high based on its carbon footprint, land use and water and its contribution to pollution. We were surprised to find that two of the shots were labeled with a high hit rating, but knowing what to avoid is helpful if that’s a deal breaker for you.

We were skeptical about receiving food in plastic packaging, but if you’re looking for pre-prepared meals that are individually wrapped and delivered to your door, Tyme says these lightweight plastic bags have a lower carbon footprint than options. alternative packaging. This is because they require less energy to transport and are fully recyclable – but we wondered if they could be made with recycled plastic in the future.

The Verdict: Tyme Subscription

Beautifully fresh, vibrant and full of flavor, we have Tyme’s herbal subscription to thank for pulling us out of our bland workweek food routine. The quality of the lunch dishes was particularly impressive to us and left us feeling satisfied, energized and always excited to try our next dish.

Ingredients are carefully selected and the transparency around each food’s environmental impact is refreshing to see, while the convenience of healthy, ready-to-use breakfasts, lunches and snacks throughout the day is a something we could definitely get used to.

With a minimum spend of £30 a week and lunches costing up to £7.50, it’s not a cheap way to eat, but if you’re hungry for a wide variety of healthier foods during the workweek, Tyme offers a delicious solution. .

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