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Vegan Dog Food Company Offers ‘Special’ Promotion For Owners

Although dogs are primarily known for eating meat, the OMNI dog food brand has a rather obscure offering for pet owners to try out a plant-based diet.

The company – based in London – wants to pay a dog owner £5,000 (about US$6,600) to keep track of his experience transitioning his dog from a meat-based diet to “a meat-based diet”. of plants formulated by a veterinarian”, according to the shimmer.

Part of this process involves smelling their dog’s poop to monitor digestive health over an eight-week period.

OMNI hopes the right candidate can start as soon as possible at the current rate of £2,500 (US$3,300) per month for two months.

Along with the particular task of sniffing poop, the owner will also need to monitor the “energy levels” and “behaviour” of the puppies.

The participant will also receive a free two-month supply of plant-based food for their four-legged friend as well as support from a licensed canine nutritionist.

Jordan Silverman, Getty Images

Jordan Silverman, Getty Images

Shiv Sivakumar, co-founder of OMNI, detailed the benefits of switching dogs to a vegan diet.

“We’ve had lots of feedback from dog owners who report that their dogs’ digestion, energy levels, and overall health are all improved once they switch to a flexitarian or plant-based diet,” he told the outlet. “Not only that, we are getting feedback that their dogs’ stools have improved in color, consistency and smell.”

As for the work, Sivakumar admits it’s rather unique. “We know this is a rather special vacancy, but we also know this is our way of putting our money where our mouth is and showing dog owners that dog food herbal products could improve their dog’s bowel movements, general health and digestive health.”

Veterinarian and former president of the US Humane Society, Dr. Michael Fox, explained that the two main reasons people choose to switch their pooch to a vegan diet are “personal ethics” and “food allergies”.

In an interview with CNNhe noted that some adult dogs adapt and even thrive on well-balanced vegan diets, but most do best on a variety of foods including meats, fats and proteins.

He added that “dogs could benefit from a vegan meal at least once a week to detox”.

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