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Vegan restaurants in Athens | Eat Drink

Since the recent closure of The Grit, a local vegetarian restaurant, Athenians might be looking for a new vegetarian or vegan restaurant.

The Red & Black has compiled a list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants that can provide new options for Athens’ meatless community.

Vegan slut

Since opening its doors on Baxter Street in May, Slutty Vegan has become a favorite with vegans and non-vegans alike. The business is described on its website as “black-owned, women-owned, self-made, and slutty.” Slutty Vegan is known for its plant-based burgers and sandwiches, fries, sauces, and chaotic environment. Some sample menu items include the “One Night Stand”, “Ménage À Trois” and “Super Slut” to name a few. Even if someone doesn’t like to eat plant-based, Slutty Vegan might be worth a try just for the vibe.


Maepole, an Athens classic on Chase Street, is known for serving “healthy comfort food.” The restaurant offers options for a variety of diets. Vegan proteins include tofu and fritters, which are made with black-eyed peas, quinoa and mushrooms. Maepole’s menu has no shortage of veggies, so you can build a healthy, balanced meal topped with delicious sauces like sriracha-honey, spicy avocado and turmeric-ginger.

Thai Spoon

Thai Spoon, located on Lumpkin Street, is the perfect restaurant for vegan lovers of Thai cuisine. Its menu offers vegetarian spring rolls, basil tofu rolls, edamame, corn pancakes and fried tofu, all as a vegetarian starter. For lunch, it offers rice, noodle, and curry bases with vegetable and tofu options for protein. There are so many options for tofu or vegetable toppings that it will be hard for plant eaters to run out of things to try.

Gourmet White Tiger

White Tiger Gourmet has an entire menu section dedicated to its vegetarian customers. This vegetarian menu includes a portobello cheeseburger and a vegetarian ciabatta sandwich with bread from Independent Baking Co. The vegetarian menu also offers two tofu sandwiches, each with nutritional yeast. The first tofu sandwich is the “Tofu Q Sandwich”, a vegetarian version of the classic barbecue sandwich. It contains grilled tofu, barbecue sauce and coleslaw and can be vegan. The second sandwich contains grilled tofu, American cheese, grilled onions and White Tiger sauce.

Mediterranean grills

The Mediterranean Grill, located on South Lumpkin Street, offers many vegetarian options for delicious Mediterranean cuisine. For appetizers, vegan baba ghanouj, hummus and fou moudamas, an Egyptian broad bean dip, are on offer. Its vegan entree is a vegetable plate made with seven vegetables and served with hummus and rice. Its vegetarian entrees include a falafel plate, spanakopita, and a vegetarian plate that comes with hummus, baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, and falafel. They also have vegan falafel pita wraps.