Vegan Foods

Vegan + Whole Soy Diet May Help Relieve Menopause Symptoms

According to the study published earlier this month, a low-fat vegan diet, especially a diet that includes ½ cup of cooked soybeans per day, helped postmenopausal women reduce the number of reported hot flashes by 79%. . But not only that: The numbers showed that the frequency of moderate to severe hot flashes decreased by 84%, so the hot flashes women experienced were less likely to be, well, brutal. Although this is a smaller study (there were only 38 participants), the results show a strong correlation between this selected group.

“About 80% of postmenopausal women have hot flashes in North America,” says Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, a key author of the study. “But the researchers noted that in Japan hot flashes were rare when the diet was more rice-based, but they became quite common when meat and dairy products became popular, suggesting a role for the diet. . “

The group of 38 women, with an average age of 54, was divided into two groups: one followed the specific vegan diet and the other half followed control protocols. The women tracked their symptoms using digital apps and reports. Those on the vegan diet also ate non-GMO whole soybeans, which Barnard said was cooked in an instant pot, but participants could choose how to incorporate them.