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Vegan’s Coles mistake sparks calls for different aisle stacking

Coles shoppers are asking for an aisle change after a vegan made a ‘disgusting’ mistake and blamed the store’s ‘confusing’ stacking system.

Shoppers are calling for change at Coles after a vegan woman revealed she accidentally ate an animal product due to the grocery giant’s confusing arrangement of products.

The buyer was furious that a gluten-free and wheat-free, but no animals, product was placed in a refrigerator that was otherwise full of vegan products.

By sharing a photo of a Coles refrigerator, you can see a shelf of “I’m Free From” items stacked between two rows of herbal products.

The post caused a stir among Twitter users, with some agreeing the placement was an awkward choice and others arguing that the woman should have read the box before buying it.

A spokesperson for Coles said the complaint was “concerning”, explaining that it groups together “similar” products but that it depends on the size of the store.

“We have a growing number of customers choosing to buy vegan and meat alternatives and we are working hard to continue to expand this range to meet their demands,” the spokesperson said.

“” Where possible, we group similar items together, but this is not always possible due to the different storage space and layout of our stores across our network.

We are concerned to hear about this customer’s experience and have referred this issue to the National Grocery Store Space Service for review.

On social media, those who agreed with the vegan’s “loathing” called on the supermarket to reassess its stacking system.

“I bought this with Coles a year ago. I was so close to feeding my partner vegan chicken. It’s not just the placement, the entire box design looks like their other vegan stuff, ”one person replied.

“Product separation needs to be addressed, I am gluten free and have been confused on several occasions as to what is vegan versus gluten free in the freezer aisles,” said another.

Someone else agreed, saying “vegan products from the supermarket are really strewn and strewn all over the place” and called on Coles to “please organize them in a separate area”.

Many told the buyer she should have read the label and told her she shouldn’t blame Coles for not carefully checking the ingredients before consuming the product.

“Maybe you are careful what you buy? Blaming someone else for your complacency is pretty pathetic, ”one wrote.

“Here’s a weird thought, try reading your labels when shopping if it’s such a problem. If you’re foolish enough to buy it without checking it’s on you,” said another.

Someone who wasn’t vegan agreed with the sentiment of the post, stating that they also didn’t want gluten-free foods mixed with vegan foods.

“We also don’t want our food to be near yours, vegans mess up gluten free food, this is bad enough, we have to eat gluten free, but then buy something vegan,” they wrote .

“How about learning to read labels. Isn’t it clear that gluten-free chicken is not vegan? Another said.

The supermarket responds to the complaint

Coles responded to the tweet as to why the non-vegan item was added to the vegan fridge.

“Thanks for contacting. As you can understand, in some cases it may be necessary to move items to create the additional space required to introduce new products and sections to our range, ”wrote an employee.

“We try to create uniform layouts in all of our supermarkets, but the different store sizes and physical limitations mean that is not always possible.

“Nonetheless, your specific concerns have been noted and referred to the National Grocery Space Department for information.”