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Veggie Grill’s Limited-Time Chikin ‘Fried Sandwich is Here – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Vegetarian grill places
  • Until July 27, 2021
  • $ 9.95 in store, $ 10.95 via delivery partners

How does a serious savory sandwich specialist recognize that National Fried Chicken Day has almost arrived without going through with what this particular foodie feast means?

Good news: There are ways to find dishes adjacent to fried chicken on July 5, which is, yes, the eve of National Fried Chicken Day.

And it turns out that Vegetarian grills has a new get now menu item that is very adjacent to what July 6th is … without being chicken. At all.

It’s the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and the “chick” part of the name tells a potential sandwich lover that the treat will be chicken-free.

Buffalo hot sauce, however, makes a strong impression in the herbal bite, as do pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

What about the creamy ranch? It’s there to complement, or perhaps contrast with, the vibrancy of the spicier condiment.

The bun is brioche which is really one of the nicest things bread served in a sandwich type setting can be.

The Chicken-Free Fried Sandwich is only available until July 27 at your local Veggie Grill, which means, yes, you can buy one on July 6 in honor of National Fried Chicken Day.

There isn’t a National Fried Chicken Inspired Day just yet, so maybe plant-based foods celebrated like chicken on July 6 are the way to go.

The price is $ 9.95 at restaurants and $ 10.95 at delivery partners.

Need something citrus to end the tasty Buffalo experience? Veggie Grill also just introduced a new lime pie at the end of June 2021.