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VegTech celebrates the listing of its plant-based innovation ETF on the New York Stock Exchange

Last week, VegTech Invest, a company that invests in innovative plant-based companies and alternative proteins, hosted a party at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate “the listing of the first plant-based innovation ETF in the world”.

Source: Elysabeth Alfano/YouTube

An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is basically a group of investments like stocks and bonds. It can include stocks from various industries or sectors, or focus on a particular industry. The Plant-based Innovation ETF has more than 40 companies, including Oatly, Vitasoy International, Ginko BioWorks and Beyond Meat.

“Given the urgent and global need to address climate change, diminishing planetary and human health problems and food insecurity, we believe that plant-based innovation, a means to alleviate these crises, is at the start of a global megatrend,” Elysabeth said. Alfano, CEO of VegTech Invest, in a statement. “Individual investors and governments are recognizing the need to invest in plant-based innovation as a solution to changing food and material supply chains.”

Attendees included Alfano and employees of the Good Food Institute. Bankers, Impact investors and Broadway performers were also present.

“The EATV ETF provides capital to companies that are innovating to disrupt the current food supply system with plant-based products that require fewer resources to produce than their animal-based counterparts,” said Dr Sasha Goodman, EATV fund manager.

VegTech, which also launched the VegTech Plant-Based Innovation & Climate ETF late last year, hopes its new ETF will help bring much-needed exposure to this critical sector. The company also introduced a “Plant-Based Protein and Innovation Index” earlier this year to measure the growth of this industry.

To invest in this revolutionary ETF, click here.

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