We can’t stop China from exporting cocoa to Europe – Designated Vice Minister for Trade

The appointed Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Nana Dokua Asiamah Adjei, expressed the opinion that Ghana has no authority to prevent any country interested in growing cocoa from doing so, especially China.

According to her, “If we know the story of how cocoa got to Ghana, then if Fernando Po couldn’t stop Ghana from growing cocoa, Ghana can’t stop no other country from growing cocoa.” . “

His comment was in response to a question by James Agalga, MP for Builsa North, about Ghana’s plans to face China which grows and exports cocoa beans to the European market.

Nana Dokua Asiamah Adjei, who was being considered by Parliament’s Appointments Committee today, June 4, said the only thing Ghana could do about the new Chinese venture was to improve our own beans from cocoa.

She said: “What matters is how we can improve ours. Fortunately, we have a comparative advantage, which is our location, just around the meridian and around the equator.

“This gives us the fine aggregate of cocoa that we have here in Ghana, which is most in demand on the world market. So the other thing is to add value to it to create jobs for our people. “

She said if Ghana continued to rely heavily on the export of cocoa beans to the European market, China could deal a heavy blow to the country. She therefore suggested a continuation of the country’s industrialization campaign to add value to the country’s cocoa beans.

“Initially we were exporting raw cocoa beans, if we still export raw cocoa beans as they were and now China has become a competitor in exporting raw cocoa beans, then we should be worried. .

“But for a few years now, it’s the president’s idea for us to add value to cocoa and I think that takes us to a higher echelon than China.”

Nana Dokua added that it was even a great opportunity for Ghana for China to embark on cocoa production.

She was optimistic that this might encourage Chinese people to develop a taste for chocolate, which could eventually open up China’s largest market for Ghanaian cocoa beans.

” It’s even better. For China, a population of about 1 billion or more, to develop the taste of cocoa. So if they also develop the taste of cocoa, then eventually when they try the best cocoa beans that we have here, the most demanded, the ones that cannot be compared to any other country, I’m sure they will start. to buy from us too, ”she said.

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