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We tried the Starbucks vegan breakfast – and at almost £ 5 we wonder if it was really worth it? – Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson

Quick breakfasts as a vegan are rare, so we took on a mission to see what’s out there and how it all compares.

After heading into downtown Cheltenham with the intention of trying to review the new selection of Greggs vegan breakfasts, and failing that, we decided to head to Starbucks for their version instead.

The Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich (plant-based) has actually been available in the American multinational coffee chain for almost two years in the UK.

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Released on January 5, 2020, it’s a bit of a shame that it took us so long to see it again, but better late than never right?

At £ 4.60, the big green lady’s breakfast is more than double the new Greggs range of vegan sausage and bacon rolls, which are £ 1.90.

It’s of course hard to say if this intense price difference is worth it without trying both, but looking at the receipt still gets our heart rate up.

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Starbucks Beyond Patty Vegan Breakfast is one of the only “fast food” options in the plant-based breakfast world.

If you’re wondering what’s in it, here’s what Starbucks has about the website description: “A Beyond Meat Pea Protein Patty with our signature Tomato Relish, a tofu egg and turmeric alternative and a slice of alternative cheese made from coconut oil. “

As you will see in the photo, and hope you don’t think this is a harsh rating, but I’m not convinced you can call anything white paste a ” alternative to eggs ”.

Presumably Starbucks is trying to save money on ingredients by making it such a small amount, but frankly at this point, take it one step further and remove it – no one would notice.

We tried the Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast and that's what we thought
The ‘egg alternative’ turmeric tofu scramble, we don’t know if having it in the roll was necessary, but it was pretty good.

I have similar feelings to the addition of “signature tomato preservation,” which, to be fair, may have just been obscured by the processed cheese alternative.

All that being said, the Beyond Patty, the cheese and the fresh white bun? Absolutely slapped. So much flavor, and the fact that the cheese has melted so well is an impressive achievement in the world of vegan cheese.

One of the main things the roll has going for it is that it really is one of the only ‘fast food’ options for breakfast as a vegan / plant based person. .

Maybe that’s why they can charge such a high amount.

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We tried the Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast and that's what we thought
Fresh bread and lots of flavor, a good breakfast if not a small fortune.

However, it tastes good. If we had a lot of expendable income (we don’t) then pushing a five on that might not be such a horrible prospect.

I will get this labor spent receipt so it was totally worth it and I appreciated it.

And by default it was better than Greggs as they rarely (if ever?) Run out of stock, and with a three minute wait against “20/25” I’m not complaining.

What’s your favorite “take out” breakfast? Log in and join the comments below