Weight loss story: “I went raw vegan and ate cereal meals to lose 25 pounds”

My breakfast: Butternut squash juice and fresh fruits (apple, pear, chikku, mango, banana, papaya, musk melon, lychee, dragon fruit, pomegranate, guava, etc.)

My lunch: I usually like to eat a single grain – red rice or moong dal green khichdi or jowar roti or bajra roti or red rice poha, red rice + urad dal black dosa or millet idli with lots of vegetables, sprouts and salad

My dinner: Salad, soup and dates or fruits

Pre-Workout Meal: Fast for 12 hours and have dinner dates before morning exercise.

Post-workout meal: I don’t like having anything for 30 minutes after I finish my workout, not even water. Only after taking a break do I have butternut squash juice or fresh fruit.

I indulge in (what you eat on cheat days): wheat thepla or wheat paratha or kulcha. Frankly, there is no joy in cheating me and I have always kept in mind that cheating will delay my target weight.

Low Calorie Recipes I Swear By: All of my favorite weight loss recipes are mostly raw or vegan. I eat all fruits including mango, sapota, etc., and salad without salt. Being a raw vegan most of the time and eating just one meal of grains in addition to a 16 hour fast helps boost energy levels for comfortable jogging. Consciously eat foods high in calories.

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