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What to Know Before Buying Cabot Cheese

The subject of animal cruelty can be difficult to navigate. Of course, most people prefer that we offer animals a minimum of respect and dignity, but it is a mistake to say that there is a real consensus on the best way to treat animals. Of course, you are more likely to be gentle and compassionate with animals if your entire livelihood depends on said animals. And since Cabot’s farms depend on dairy cows, it’s no surprise that the company encourages participation in the National Dairy FARM (or Farmers Asuring Responsible Management) program (via Cabot).

As a cooperative enterprise, Cabot does not appear to dictate how its member farms treat their cows, according to the company. Frankly, however, it doesn’t seem necessary. After all, as Clara Ayer of Fairmont Farm (a Cabot Co-op member) told Seven Days in 2019, she and her family are not just “cows,” but their “cows are Why [they] firm” in the first place.

Many Cabot farms, like co-op member Almeida Farm, have invested millions of dollars in technological advancements, including temperature-controlled barns and milking machines that give cows autonomy over the milking process (via Fox Weather). And why wouldn’t they? After all, since Cabot states on their website that a “cow is the most productive…who is the most satisfied”, it only makes sense that they take continual steps to improve the lives of their cows.