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Who? analyzes the contents of the four best Christmas chocolate jars

Who? revealed the best selection boxes of chocolates for Christmas. (Getty Images)

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It is an annual debate. When Christmas chocolates are handed out, everyone is locked into heated, and often unsolicited, discussions about the best variety.

Not only do we have all of our favorites disappearing from the tub the very moment it’s opened, but there are still some sad shocks languishing in the box, never to be eaten.

Of Celebrations To Quality street, Roses at Hero, everyone has their favorite.

In order to settle once and for all the great debate on the Chocolate Box, Which one? published an analysis of the four most popular selection boxes to reveal which ones are the best in terms of variety and will leave you with less sad and unwanted chocolates long after the decorations have been put away.

To carry out their experiment Which one? selected the most popular boxes of chocolate sold in all major supermarkets and purchased three jars of 600g to 650g each.

From there, the chocolate researchers (* googles jobs at Which? *) Counted each type of chocolate and then found the average amount for each chocolate in a jar.

It turns out that there is a fairly even distribution among the four main selection choices.

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Hazelnut lovers might opt ​​for a box of Celebrations, as they typically hold an average of 12 Snickers per jar.

There were also 12 MilkyWays, but Galaxy enthusiasts might be disappointed as there were only half as many Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy bars.

As for Mars bars, there were an average of 11 per box, eight Maltesers Teasers and eight Bountys but only seven Twix bars.

Of all the boxes of chocolate Which one? included in his research, Celebrations has the least variety, containing only eight different types of chocolate.

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For those hoping to get their fix of chocolate with a jar of Cadbury Heroes, which one? found the jar contained more eclairs and fudges than any other chocolate – an average of nine each.

This was significantly more than the Twirls or the Wispas, which averaged only five each per tub.

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A jar of Heroes also contained an average of eight Double Deckers and Creme Eggs and seven Crunchies, Dairy Milk, and Dairy Milk Caramels.

Quality Street also had a wide range among its selection, but it was a bit heavily weighted on Pink Fudges with nine on average, compared to just four of the traditionally popular green triangles and four of the more niche, Orange Crunch.

However, there was also a lot of toffees, toffees, and fruit creams.

Quality Street also has the most variety in its tub, with 11 different types of chocolate.

During this time, the Cadbury roses were found by whom? seekers to be a good option for those who prefer their Christmas chocolate of the plain variety with an offer of nine Dairy Milks per jar.

Fudge and truffles, on the other hand, averaged only four per jar, which is good for those who aren’t too keen on chocolate choices.

Roses were a good option for lovers of caramel and fruit cream, as they came second after Dairy Milk with an average of eight in a tub.

While selection bins come in a range of sizes, which ones? experts recommend going for a 600g or 650g jar which tends to offer better value for money.

The great chocolate debate is an annual event.  (Getty Images)

The great chocolate debate is an annual event. (Getty Images)

Commenting on the findings of Lisa Barber, Home Products and Services Writer at Which? magazine, said: ‘A box of chocolates on the sofa and a Christmas movie is a seasonal tradition for many across the UK, but you might find yourself fighting for your favorites if there aren’t any. just not enough for everyone.

“Whether you’re a fudge fan, a toffee connoisseur, or just a chocolate nut, which one? discovered that there is a selection box for everyone, so be sure to get the one that best suits your household’s tastes this Christmas.

The chocolate debate was settled following news that the average Briton spends over £ 325 on chocolate every year – and their favorite chocolate is Milk milk.

A recent survey, by MoneySaveHeroes, also found that nearly three in five Britons (59%) consider chocolate a staple in their weekly store, while almost half (46%) say they eat chocolate at least once a day.

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When asked how much they spend on chocolate each week, the British said around £ 5.50. However, this amount is almost three times higher during the Christmas period – around £ 16 per week.

In other shocking news, Quality Street is also bringing its pick and mix back to the store, which means that you will be able to compose your box of dreams, without coffee creams.

Choc fans can create their own bespoke collection of favorites from the 12 candies in this year’s assortment, which include an exciting new flavor.

The latest addition to the iconic chocolate box is Crème Caramel Crisp chocolate, which is the brand’s 12th flavor, after discontinuing one of its caramel flavors last year.

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