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World Oceans Day: fishing town donated vegan tuna

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Residents of one of the UK’s biggest fishing towns will receive vegan tuna for World Oceans Day.

Those who live on Ocean Street in Plymouth will receive a delivery of herbal tuna from Good Catch today, along with a vegan starter kit.

The incentive, led by the vegan charity PETA, aims to encourage people to ’embrace delicious meals without fish’.

Vegan tuna

Dr Carys Bennet is PETA’s primary liaison. She said: “Just like us, fish can experience pain and fear, have unique personalities and value their lives.

“PETA is teaming up with Good Catch to show how easy it is to savor the taste of the sea without killing. We’ve all heard of dolphin-thon safe – well, that’s Tuna– healthy tuna and this is the future of seafood.

Additionally, Chad Sarno is the co-founder of Good Catch, owned by Gathered Foods. He added, “Our mission is to make plant-based seafood that is good for the sea and the animals that live there.

“So, we are delighted to be involved in this World Oceans Day project with PETA. “

Sarno then concluded: “We continuously invest in innovation and product development. So people can enjoy the taste, texture and nutrition of seafood without harming animals or ingesting micro-plastics or toxins. “

Vegetable seafood

Interest in vegan fish and seafood has skyrocketed after the resounding success of Seaspiracy.

The film, produced by Cowspiracy Kip Andersen, highlights the “ongoing war” on the world’s oceans – by looking at the environmental impacts of the fishing industry on marine life.

The week after its Netflix debut, Google searches for the term “vegan seafood” exploded; from March 28 to April 3, the term recorded its highest search volume in the past five years.