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You’re not completely relaxed if you haven’t tried the ‘Sleepy’

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When the Snuggie debuted in 2008, it received mixed reviews. Yes, it was comfortable, but was it cute? Not exactly. However, Shleepy by UnHide takes the blanket/jacket combo set up a few notches, and you won’t want to take it off. Seriously, you’ll never feel more relaxed than when you’re wearing one.

First of all, the Shleepy features incredibly soft, faux fur-like fleece. Second, it looks like an oversized jacket, with sleeves, a hood, and pockets. But, like a blanket, it’s big enough to wrap around most of your body.

Credit: UnHide

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You can curl up in this number on the couch or wear it if you really want to. Schleepy from UnHide is actually part of a collaboration with Netflix. So yeah, it’s great for “Netflix and chilling out.” However, you can even wear it outside if you want.

Out of 102 reviews on UnHide’s website, 99 people give it five out of five stars. (The other three reviewers give it four stars).

“It’s become my favorite thing I own,” wrote a review who gave it five stars. “As I mainly work from residence, I use it as a signal that I’m done for the day. When I finish my to-do list, I put it on it, and it reminds me that it’s time to relax. I accidentally slept in it several times…and now I do it on purpose.

“Love it and have told everyone about it,” wrote another critic who gave it four stars. “The only reason it’s not five star is the price.

Credit: UnHide

Credit: UnHide

OK, yes, the Shleepy is a bit expensive – it’s $95, which is about the same price as a nice blanket. It comes in two sizes – standard and plus – and four colors, including Sweet Rose, Snow White, Camel Cream and Night Owl. You can get it from UnHide websitewhere delivery and returns are free.

If you haven’t heard of To displayit’s a vegan faux fur brand that manufactures large comfy blankets, pillows and, of course, the Shleepy. the brand website also says it’s “vegan the fur is made in the most sustainable and ethical factories in the world. In fact, he claims that over 50% of his products are made from recycled faux fur. So you can feel better about what you buy, in addition to feeling very comfortable.

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